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Fiber Glass Screen
Fiberglass Window Screen mesh is short name of PVC (vinyl) coated fiberglass plain weave screen.
Good quality and competitive price.
It is also called fiberglass screening, fiberglass insect screen, insect screen, mosquito screen, retractable window screen, bug screen, window screen, door screen, patio screen, porch screen, insect window screen, etc.
Knitting and craft: Uses the glass fiber monofilament to spread models the craft, the plain weave, the heating, the stereotypic becomes.
Normal specification as follows:
Colors: Gray, white, black, green, blue, yellow, hoariness
Width: 61cm\ 71cm\ 80cm\ 100cm\ 110cm\ 122cm\ 142cm\ 140cm160cm152cm\ 162cm\ 183-280cm
Weight: 115g - 180g/square meters
Mesh size: 18x16, 18x14, 16x16, 14x14
Roll length: Subject to buyers requirements
Uses: In the upscale office, the housing and each kind of building, the stock farm, the orchard and so on, is the insect, the mosquito musca best protection product.
Characteristic: The product has the good ventilation visor performance. Anticorrosion being flame-resistant, easy to clean does not distort, the service life is long, smooth to the touch.
Plain weaving and high temperature-fixing. It is well ventilate for sun shade and easy washing, anticorrosive, resistance to burn, stable shape, long service life and feels straight. The popular colors of grey and black made vision more comfortable and natural. Fiberglass screening has graceful and generous appearance.
Advantage: Good ventilation, esay cleaning.
Width(cm) The number of mesh Breaking strength(N/25mm) Weave Roll Length(m) Qualityg/m2
warp weft warp weft
18 0.5 16 0.5 260 220 Plain 30.48 0.2 115-180
Standard width 1.0
18 0.5 14 0.5 260 220 Plain 30.48 0.2 115-180
18 0.5 16 0.5 260 220 Plain 30.48 0.2 115-180
18 0.5 14 0.5 260 220 Plain 30.48 0.2 115-180
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